Our company was foundend in 2003 as a tool development bureau, still our experience in tool manufacturing goes back to the 1960’s. A main pillar of the company is József Simonetz, supporting us with his over five decades long tool maker experience.

At the begining the bureau for tool development and NC programing, has by now grown up into a tool manfacturing plant. We have firm hand on all production processes from the computer aided product modeling to the initial parts production.

We fulfil the wishes of our customers by the union of hand-on experience, the engineering knowledge, and the proper knowledge of designing systems and production technologies.

2003 The decision was born, to found a company, that will manufacture tools in the future.

2006 The design office emerges, the team is extended with one man.

2007 Participation as an exhibitor in the MACH-TECH industrial fair.

2008 The NC office is extended with one technologist. Exhibitor at the INDUSTRIA industry exhibition..

2009 First winning tender written, and the first CNC milling machine purchased. Site rented at the IKARUS area to start the in-plant production, Starting production in the 'house',,hu,Purchase ONA AF25 wire EDM machine.,,hu,NX4C purchase of ONA EDM machine,,hu,correct storage of the electrode EDM machine operations more efficient.,,hu,Start hole drill with polishing apparatus and acquisition,,hu,The work of the quality control TESA MICRO-HITE assisted by a 3D measuring machine DUAL further.,,hu,purchase Sukorói site,,hu,
,,en,Tooling further development of applications using GINOP,,hu,Setting up fast HSM500 micron milling machine,,hu. The team is extended by additional three men. The machine tool distribution obtains a new leader. The CNC milling machine becomes its adjuster.

2010 An additional winning tender written. Exhibitor at the INDUSTRIA industry exhibition.

2011 The company moves to the self-owned site, the CNC block eroding machine won on the tender in 2010 is purchased, an additional CNC milling machine purchased. An additional winning tender written. Exhibitor at the MACH-TECH industry exhibition.

2012 ONA AF25 huzalos szikraforgácsológép beszerzése.

2013 ONA NX4C tömbös szikraforgácsológép megvásárlása. Today 24 elektróda tárhelyes géppel hatékonyabbá válik a szikraforgácsolási művelet.

2014 Startlyukfúrógép és polírozó berendezés beszerzése. A minőség ellenőrzés munkáját egy TESA MICRO-HITE 3D DUAL mérőgép segíti a továbbiakban.

2015 Sukorói telephely megvásárlása.

2016 Szerszámgyártás további fejlesztése GINOP pályázat segítségével. Mikron HSM500 gyorsmarógép üzembe helyezése, HSM machining inserts tehnology fine after workout,,hu,Mikron's machine VCE1000 increase our purchases of houses can be manufactured in die size range,,hu,x996mm befoglalóig. The Sukoro a 288m2 site in Hall complete renovation.,,hu,Plastic injection molding plant start completely new production hall,,hu,Ton overhead crane commissioning,,hu,FANUC piece injection molding machine production adjustment,,hu. Mikron VCE1000-es gép beszerzésével növekszik az általunk gyártható szerszámházak méret tartománya: 546x996mm befoglalóig.
A sukorói telephelyen egy 288m2-es csarnok teljes felújítása.

2017 Műanyag fröccsüzem beindítása teljesen új gyártócsarnokban. 3 Tonnás futódaru üzembehelyezése. 3db FANUC fröccsöntő gép gyártásba állítása.


2003-In 2003 I determined myself to something; I wanted to have a tool workshop! I wanted to show to the world and to myself, that I am able to build something of "nothing", and something, that is also raising the bar.

Because already at a young age the magic of the workshop has touched me. The supreme, percise mechanichs of the measurement devices. The fine snapping sound of the micrometer ratchet. The oil smoke of the eroding machine. The steel spark, as the grindstone subsides. The heat colored metal chips, as the mill cuts the raw steel block, and transforms it in the milling process into a form insert, to a tool plate, like the designer dreamed it in ink and paper.

As the „old birds” solve the tasks with their high honored tools, secret gadgets, decades long practised handgrips. A tool, that cannot be realised without teamwork, because the devotion and the humble to the profession of a dozen men are needed, to create a tool from the raw steel.

It is not the business in first place, that drives me, but the acknowledgement and the noble sensation, when we close two tool sides, attach it to the crane and by laying down our tools exhale: ready, can be tested!

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