Our main profile is the development of injection mold tools, blow mould tools, aluminium die-cast tools, zamak tools..

The documentation of the product needed for the tool development can be 2D or 3D. In case of a 2D drawing document, as a first step we build the part model, according to productibility requirements. 3D models have to be verified, and where appropriate make the necessary changes.

We create a pre-construction, on which we clearly define the future structure of the tool, that can be adjusted with the customer, and the future operator of the tool, before we freeze the concept. With this method we increase the efficiency of the tool thorough the design, according to special requests.

The tool is fully built up of 3D elements, of which we provide 2D drawing derivations. On request we also create the electrode models (adjustment drawings), for the tool manufacturing, as well as the NC contouring control programs.

We undertake tool development in the following areas:
  • Plastic injection mold tools,
  • Tools for gas assisted moulding,
  • PET blow mould tools,
  • PE, PP, PVC blow mould tools,
  • Plastic can blow mould tools
  • Bottle remover, burr remover
  • aluminium die-cast tools,
  • Zamak die cast tools,
  • Die-cut tools.

Product Design

We have had many questions similar to the following:

I have a plastic product and need the tool for it. If I tell you wat I need, can you realize it for me?
Yes, we can!

Could you create a scenography?
Yes, we can!

I only have a drawing, can you build a model of it?
Yes, we can!

We have a 3D body model, but have no experience in injection molding, could you create the technologic prameters according to productibility?
We can do this also!

3D modeling

In modeling we contract for the build up by drawing documentations or by an existing prototype.. Individual concepts, photorealistic images of designs, and rendering in space.

We contract for technologic parameter creation for computer aided models, and according to the product model the modeling of the mold tool contours: mold cavitiy, position of inserts, mold insert contours, dividing surfaces.

Tool design

The success of a tool is decided at the designers table. Every aspect has to be considered in this phase of the tool birth to provide molding efficiency, economy and operation stability during production.

Every tool is discussed several times and if needed, we modify the product considering functional and esthetic aspects. With the progress of the work the pre-construction has to be released by the customer, and in case by the future tool operator regarding special needs: mold machine and tool interfaces, attachment possibilities, etc..

Today we mainly create designs for self produced tools, but also accepts requests for designing only.

3D modeling references

Nokia paint mask

Szerszámterv references

MAN automotive parts
Prodax electric socket
Renault automotive parts tool
Food bottles
Tool design for toy industry product

Gyártmányterv references

Botlle hinge cover
Food bottles
Promotional gifts
McDonald's spoon
National Gallop, promotional product

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